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Volume 9 (2002) Contents

Number 1 - June  (p. 1-54)

Geological Relationships at Cotton Plateau, Nimrod Glacier Area, Bearing on the Tectonic Development of the Ross Orogen, Transantarctic Mountains, Antarctica (abstract)
    E. Stump, D.G. Edgerton & R.J. Korsch

Brittle Deformation of the Beacon and Ferrar Rocks in the Eisenhower Range - Deep Freeze Range Area, Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica (abstract)
    F. Storti & F. Rossetti

Summer Development of the Snow Cover on the Coastal Flatlands of the Gerlache Inlet, Terra Nova Bay, Antarctica (abstract)
    L. Motta & M. Motta

Seismic Activity in the Transantarctic Mountains - Results from a Broadband Array Deployment (abstract)
    S. Bannister & B.L.N. Kennett

Ice Dynamics Features and Climatic Surface Parameters in East Antarctica from Terra Nova Bay to Talos Dome and Dome C: ITASE Italian Traverses (abstract)
    M. Frezzotti & O. Flora

Number 2 - December  (p. 57-117)

Plutonic Rocks from the Cape Roberts Hinterland: Wilson Piedmont Glacier, Southern Victoria Land, Antarctica (abstract)
    P.J. Forsyth, N. Mortimer & I.M. Turnbull

A High-Grade Event of ~1000 Ma Preserved within the ~500 Ma Mobile Belt of the Larsemann Hills, East Antarctica: Further Evidence from 40Ar/39Ar Dating (abstract)
    L. Tong, C.J.L. Wilson & X. Liu

Variations in the Thermal Pattern along the Campbell Glacier Axis (Terra Nova Bay, Antarctica) (abstract)
    L. Motta & M. Motta

Short Note
Plutonic Xenoliths in Deception Island (Antarctica) (summary)

    C. Risso & A. Aparicio

The Meteorite Collection of the Museo Nazionale dell'Antartide, Siena (abstract)

    L. Folco & N.  Rastelli  

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