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  Volume 5 (1998) Contents

Number 1 - February
Initial Report on CRP-1, Cape Roberts Project, Antarctica
(pp. 1-187)
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P.J. Barrett & C.A. Ricci Initial Report on CRP-1, Cape Roberts Project, Antarctica - Contents, Foreword, Personnel, Abstract
Cape Roberts Science Team Background to CRP-1, Cape Roberts Project, Antarctica
Cape Roberts Science Team Quaternary Strata in CRP-1, Cape Roberts Project, Antarctica
Cape Roberts Science Team Miocene Strata in CRP-1, Cape Roberts Project, Antarctica
Cape Roberts Science Team Summary of Results from CRP-1, Cape Roberts Project, Antarctica
Cape Roberts Science Team Appendix 1 - Core Recovery Log
Cape Roberts Science Team Appendix 2 - 1:20 Core Logs
Cape Roberts Science Team Appendix 3 - Core Box Images (higher resolution images can be viewed on the Pangea web site)

Number 2 - June
(pp. 189-253)
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M. Ramos Active Layer in the Vicinity of the Spanish Antarctic Stationct
C. Hübscher, W. Jokat, E. King, G. Kudryavtzev & G. Leitchenkov The Crustal Structure in the Weddell Sea Basin between Berkner Island and Antarctic Peninsula
  Contributions from EUG 9
W. Loske, H. Miller & C. Töpfner Sedimentary Recycling of Palaeozoic Granitoids in the Antarctic Peninsula
F. Salvini, F. Storti, G. Brancolini, M. Busetti & C. De Cillia Cenozoic Strike-Slip Induced Basin Inversion in the Ross Sea, Antarctica
C. Perinelli, P. Armienti, R. Trigila & C. Aurisicchio Intergranular Melt Inclusions within Ultramafic Xenoliths from Baker Rocks and Greene Point Volcanics (Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica)
G. Giorgetti, G. Capponi, M. Meccheri & I. Memmi Further Illite Crystallinity Data from Bowers Terrane, Millen Schists and Robertson Bay Terrane (Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica)
F. Talarico, B. Ghiribelli, C. Smith Siddoway, R. Palmeri & C.A. Ricci The Northern Victoria Land Segment of the Antarctic Paleo-Pacific margin of eastern Gondwana:
New Constraints from the Lanterman and Mountaineer Ranges
  NEWS - VIII International Symposium on Antarctic Earth Sciences, Wellington - New Zealand 253  

Number 3 - December
Studies from the Cape Roberts Project, Antarctica - Scientific Report of CRP-1
(pp. 255-713) - Contents
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P.J. Barrett & C.A. Ricci Foreword
P.J. Barrett Studies from the Cape Roberts Project, Ross Sea, Antarctica, Scientific Report CRP-1 - Overview
F.J. Davey Tectonic Setting, Seismic Stratigraphy and Physical Properties - Introduction
R.J. Hamilton, C.C. Sorlien, B.P. Luyendyk, L.R. Bartek & S.A. Henrys Tectonic Regimes and Structural Trends Off Cape Roberts, Antarctica
S.A. Henrys, L.R.Bartek, G. Brancolini, B. Luyendyk, R.J.Hamilton, C.C. Sorlien & F.J. Davey Seismic Stratigraphy of the Pre-Quaternary Strata Off Cape Roberts and their Correlation with Strata Cored in the CIROS-1 Drillhole, McMurdo Sound
C.J. Bücker, S.A. Henrys & T. Wonik Revision of the Cenozoic Seismic Velocity Structure of the CIROS-1 Drillhole, Antarctica, and Implications for Further Drilling Off Cape Roberts
J.D. Brink & R.D. Jarrard Petrophysics of Core Plugs from CRP-1 Drillhole, Victoria Land Basin, Antarctica
F. Niessen, R. D. Jarrard & C. Bücker Log-Based Physical Properties of the CRP-1 Core, Ross Sea, Antarctica
F. Niessen & R.D. Jarrard Velocity and Porosity of Sediments from CRP-1 Drillhole, Ross Sea, Antarctica 311-318 pdf
T.S. Paulsen & G.S. Wilson Orientation of CRP-1 Core 319-325 pdf
T.J. Wilson & T.S. Paulsen CRP-1 Fracture Arrays: Constraints on the Neogene-Quaternary Stress Regime along the Transantarctic Mountains Front, Antarctica 327-335 pdf
  Sedimentary Environments    
M.J. Hambrey & K. Woolfe Introduction 337-339 pdf
R.D. Powell, M.J. Hambrey & L.A. Krissek Quaternary and Miocene Glacial and Climatic History of the Cape Roberts Drillsite Region, Antarctica 341-351 pdf
C.R. Fielding, K.J. Woolfe, J.A. Howe & M. Lavelle Sequence Stratigraphic Analysis of CRP-1, Cape Roberts Project, McMurdo Sound, Antarctica 353-361 pdf
J.J.M. van der Meer & J.F. Hiemstra Micromorphology of Miocene Diamicts, Indications of Grounded Ice 363-366 pdf
J.D. Brink, R.D. Jarrard, L.A. Krissek & T.J. Wilson Lonestone Abundance and Size Variations in CRP-1 Drillhole, Victoria Land Basin, Antarctica 367-374  
L. De Santis & P.J. Barrett Grain Size Analysis of Samples from CRP-1 375-382 pdf
K.J. Woolfe, C.R. Fielding, J.A. Howe, M. Lavelle & J.H. Lally Laser-Derived Particle Size Characterisation of CRP-1, McMurdo Sound, Antarctica 3823-391 pdf
J.A. Howe, K.J. Woolfe & C.R. Fielding Lower Miocene Glacimarine Gravity Flows, Cape Roberts Drillhole-1, Ross Sea, Antarctica 393-399  
S. Passchier, T.J. Wilson & T.S. Paulsen Origin of Breccias in the CRP-1 Core 401-409 pdf
M. Taviani  & M. Claps Biogenic Quaternary Carbonates in the CRP-1 Drillhole, Victoria Land Basin, Antarctica 411-418 pdf
M. Taviani & R. Zahn The Stable Oxygen Isotope Record of Pleistocene and Miocene Bivalves in the CRP-1 Drillhole, Victoria Land Basin, Antarctica 419-423  
C.R. Fielding, J.C. Baker, K.J. Woolfe, J.A. Howe & M.A. Lavelle Reassessment of the Miocene - Quaternary Boundary in CRP-1, Cape Roberts Project, Antarctica 425-426  
  Biostratigraphy and Palaeoecology    
G. Villa & S.W. Wise Introduction 427-430 pdf
S.M. Bohaty, R.P. Scherer & D.M. Harwood Quaternary Diatom Biostratigraphy and Palaeoenvironments of the CRP-1 Drillcore, Ross Sea, Antarctica 431-453  
P.N. Webb & C.P. Strong Occurrence, Stratigraphic Distribution and Palaeoecology  of Quaternary Foraminifera from CRP-1 455-472 pdf
P.N. Webb & C.P. Strong Recycled Pliocene Foraminifera from the CRP-1 Quaternary Succession 473-478 pdf
G. Villa & S.W. Wise Quaternary Calcareous Nannofossils from the Antarctic Region 479-484  
M. Taviani, A. Beu & C. Lombardo Pleistocene Macrofossils from CRP-1 Drillhole, Victoria Land Basin, Antarctica 485-491  
H.A. Jonkers & M. Taviani Lower Miocene Macrofossils from CRP-1 Drillhole, Cape Roberts (Victoria Land Basin, Antarctica) 493-498 pdf
D.M. Harwood, S.M. Bohaty & R.P. Scherer Lower Miocene Diatom Biostratigraphy of the CRP-1 Drillcore, McMurdo Sound, Antarctica 499-514  
C.P. Strong & P.N. Webb Lower Miocene Foraminifera from CRP-1 Drillhole 515-520 pdf
S. Galeotti & R. Coccioni Foraminiferal Analysis of the Miocene CRP-1 Core (Ross Sea, Antarctica) 521-526 pdf
M.J. Hannah, J.H. Wrenn & G.J. Wilson Early Miocene and Quaternary Marine Palynomorphs from Cape Roberts Project CRP-1, McMurdo Sound, Antarctica 527-538  
J.I. Raine Terrestrial Palynomorphs from Cape Roberts Project Drillhole CRP-1,Ross Sea, Antarctica 539-548 pdf
J. Simes & J. Wrenn Palynologic Processing in Antarctica 549-552 pdf
J.H. Wrenn, M.J. Hannah & J.I. Raine Diversity and Palaeoenvironmental Significance of Late Cainozoic Marine Palynomorphs from the CRP-1 Core, Ross Sea, Antarctica 553-570  
J.A. Carter Phytoliths from CRP-1 571-576 pdf
  Provenance and Diagenesis    
W. Ehrmann & S.L. Smellie Introduction 577-578 pdf
J.L. Smellie Sand Grain Detrital Modes in CRP-1: Provenance Variations and Influence of Miocene Eruptions on the Marine Record in the McMurdo Sound Region 579-587 pdf

P. Armienti, B. Messiga & R. Vannucci

Sand Provenance from Major and Trace Element Analyses of Bulk Rock and Sand Grains 589-599 pdf
F. Talarico & S. Sandroni Petrography, Mineral Chemistry and Provenance of Basement Clasts in the CRP-1 Drillcore (Victoria Land Basin, Antarctica) 601-610  
P.R. Kyle Ferrar Dolerite Clasts from CRP-1 Drillcore 611-612 pdf
W. Ehrmann Lower Miocene and Quaternary Clay Mineral Assemblages from CRP-1 613-619  
M. Setti, L. Marinoni, A. López-Galindo & A. Ben Aboud TEM Observations and Trace Element Analysis on the Clay Minerals of the CRP-1 Core (Ross Sea, Antarctica) 621-626  
W. Ehrmann Mineralogy of Sediments from CRP-1as Revealed by X-Ray Diffraction 627-632  
K. Polozek & W. Ehrmann Distribution of Heavy Minerals in CRP-1 633-638  
A. Bellanca, R. Neri & B. Palumbo Provenance of CRP-1 Drillhole Fine-Grained Sediments, McMurdo Sound, Antarctica: Evidence from Geochemical Signals 639-643  
H.G. Dietrich & D. Klosa Carbonate Contents in CRP-1 Samples - Initial Results 645-646  
J.C. Baker & C.R. Fielding Diagenesis of Glacimarine Miocene Strata in CRP-1, Antarctica 647-653  
M. Claps & F.S. Aghib Carbonate Diagenesis in Miocene Sediments from CRP-1,Victoria Land Basin, Antarctica 655-660 pdf
L. Sagnotti, F. Florindo, G.S. Wilson, A.P. Roberts & K.L. Verosub Environmental Magnetism of Lower Miocene Strata from the CRP-1 Core, McMurdo Sound, Antarctica 661-667  
R.M. Kettler Preliminary Results of Bitumen and Kerogen Analyses of the CRP-1 Core 669-672  
L.A. Krissek & P.R. Kyle Geochemical Indicators of Weathering and Cenozoic Palaeoclimates in Sediments from CRP-1 and CIROS-1, McMurdo Sound, Antarctica 673-680  
P.J. Barrett Introduction 681-682 pdf
W.C. McIntosh 40Ar/39Ar Geochronology of Volcanic Clasts and Pumice in CRP-1 Core, Cape Roberts, Antarctica 683-690 pdf
M. Lavelle Strontium-Isotope Stratigraphy of the CRP-1 Drillhole, Ross Sea, Antarctica 691-696 pdf
C.P. Hart & P.N. Webb Amino Acid Based Geochronology of Unit 3.1 (Quaternary), CRP-1, Victoria Land Basin, Antarctica 697-701 pdf
A.P. Roberts, G.S. Wilson, F. Florindo, L. Sagnotti, K.L. Verosub & D.M. Harwood Magnetostratigraphy of Lower Miocene Strata from the CRP-1 Core, McMurdo Sound, Ross Sea, Antarctica 703-713 pdf


Number 4  - December
(pp. 715-773)
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M. Rebesco, A. Camerlenghi & C. Zanolla Bathymetry and Morphogenesis of the Continental Margin West of the Antarctic Peninsula
  Figure 1 fold-out (A3)
Y.K. Jin, D.K. Lee, S.H. Nam, Y. Kim & K.J. Kim Seismic Observation at King Sejong Station, Antarctic Peninsula
P.F. Barker, P.J. Barrett, A. Camerlenghi, A.K. Cooper, F.J. Davey,E.W. Domack, C. Escutia, Y. Kristoffersen & P.E. O'Brien Ice Sheet History from Antarctic Continental Margin Sediments: the ANTOSTRAT Approach
V. Sen, P.L. Stoffa, I.W.D. Dalziel, D.D. Blankenship,  A.M. Smith & S. Anandakrishnan Seismic Surveys in Central West Antarctica: Data and Processing Examples from  the ANTALITH Field Tests (1994-1995)
  Referees of Volume 5

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