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Volume 10 (2003) Contents

Number 1 - June  (p. 1-62)

Thermal History of Transantarctic Mountains K-feldspars, Southern Victoria Land (abstract)
    A. Calvert & N. Mortimer

Spectral Analysis of Physical Property Periodicities in Fine-Grained Sediments from the CRP-3 Drillhole, Ross Sea, Antarctica (abstract)
    F. Florindo, M. Claps, F. Niessen & J. Dinarès-Turell

Carbonate Diagenesis of the Cenozoic Sedimentary Succession from the CRP-3 Core, Ross Sea, Antarctica (abstract)
    F.S. Aghib, C.R. Fielding & T.D. Frank

40Ar-39Ar Chronology and Petrology of the Miocene Rift-related Volcanism of Daniell Peninsula (Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica) (abstract)
    I. Nardini, P. Armienti, S. Rocchi & R. Burgess

Number 2 - December (p. 63-80)

Dedicated to the memory of Mario Zucchelli

Zircon Dating and Provenance of Rhyolitic Clasts in Beacon Conglomerate, Southern Victoria Land, Antarctica (abstract)
R.J. Wysoczanski, P.J. Forsyth & K.J. Woolfe

Number 3 - December
(p. 81-256)
Scientific Results from the Joint German-Italian 1999-2000 Antarctic Expedition

Aeromagnetic Anomaly Investigations along the Antarctic Coast between Yule Bay and Mertz Glacier (abstract)
D. Damaske, F. Ferraccioli & E. Bozzo

Gravity Survey at the Oates Coast Area, East Antarctica, during the Joint German-Italian Expedition 1999/2000 (abstract)
G. Reitmayr, W. Korth, G. Caneva & F. Ferraccioli

Metasedimentary Units of the Cambro-Ordovician Ross Orogen in Northern Victoria Land and Oates Land: Implications for Their Provenance and Geotectonic Setting from Geochemical and Nd-Sr Isotope Data (abstract)
F. Henjes-Kunst & U. Schüssler

Cenozoic Tectonics in the Yule Bay Area: An Alternative Approach to the Structural Evolution of the Enigmatic Surgeon Island Block (Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica) (abstract)
A.L. Läufer, F. Rossetti & N.W. Roland

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Structural Architecture and Tectonic Evolution of the Rennick Glacier Area (Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica) - Insights for the Cenozoic Tectonic Evolution of the Ross Sea Region (abstract)
F. Rossetti, A.L. Läufer & F. Storti

Palaeomagnetic Investigations on Palaeozoic and Mesozoic Igneous and Metasedimentary Rocks from Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica (abstract)
C. Rolf & F. Henjes-Kunst

Deep Electrical Resistivity Investigation across the Rennick Graben and Oates Land by Geomagnetic Depth Sounding (abstract)
E. Armadillo, E. Bozzo & G. Caneva

Late-Ross Ductile Deformation Features in the Wilson Terrane of Northern Victoria Land (Antarctica) and Their Implications for the Western Front of the Ross Orogen (abstract)
A.L. Läufer & F. Rossetti

Magnetic Petrology of the Ross Orogen in Oates Land (Antarctica) (abstract)
F. Talarico, E. Armadillo, F. Ferraccioli & N. Rastelli

The Matusevich Aeromagnetic Anomaly over Oates Land, East Antarctica (abstract)
   F. Ferraccioli, D. Damaske, E. Bozzo & F. Talarico

Structural and Metamorphic Evolution of the Mertz Shear Zone (East Antarctic Craton, George V Land): Implications for
Australia/Antarctica Correlations and East Antarctic Craton/Ross Orogen Relationships (abstract)
F. Talarico & G. Kleinschmidt

Long-Term Landscape Evolution of George V Land as Indicated by Fission Track Data (abstract)
F. Lisker & M. Olesch

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