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  Volume 1 (1994)

Number 1 - 1994
Proceedings of the 4th Meeting on Earth Sciences in Antarctica (Siena 1993)
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C.A. Ricci Foreword
R. Palmeri, P.C. Pertusati, C.A. Ricci & F. Talarico Late Proterozoic(?)-Early Paleozoic Evolution of the Active Pacific Margin of Gondwana: Evidence from the Southern Wilson Terrane (Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica)
A. Borghi & B. Lombardo Petrological Evidence of Mono- and Poly-Metamorphic Complexes in the Gerlache Inlet - Black Ridge High-Grade Belt (Wilson Terrane, Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica)
F. Talariclo, B. Orsi & B. Lombardo Preliminary Geochemical Data on Relict Granulites from the Southern Wilson Terrane (Ross Orogen, Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica)
F. Talarico & D. Castelli Migmatitic Metasedimentary Granulites from Mills Peak and Mt. Emison (Wilson Terrane, Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica): A Case History of Processes Involved in the Formation of Garnet k Orthopyroxene Leucocratic Segregations
G. Giorgetti, M.L. Frezzotti & R. Palmeri The Composition and Role of Fluid Phases in Migmatites from the Gerlache Inlet (Terra Nova Bay, Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica): Preliminary Results
L. Borsi, R. Petrini, R. Palmeri & F. Talarico Geochemical and Isotopic Characterization of Mafic Dykes from Central Victoria Land, Antarctica
G. Musumepci, P.C. Pertusati, C.A. Ricci & F. Talarico Synkinematic Emplacement of Some Granite Harbour Intrusives: Field and Microstructural Observations from Dry Valleys to Mountaineer Range (Victoria Land, Antarctica)
S. Fadda, M. Franceschelli & G. Giorgetti Mineralogy and Metamorphic Zonation in Low-Grade Metasediments from the Priestley Glacier, Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica
S. Rocchi, S. Tonarini, P. Armienti, F. Innocenti & P. Manetti Regional Isotope Patterns of Cambro-Ordovician Granitoids from the Wilson Terrane, Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica
B. Turi, P.L.Vesica, R. Biagini, G. Di Vincenzo & C. Ghezzo An Oxygen and Strontium Isotope Study of the Cambro-Ordovician Granite Harbour Intmsives, Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica
M.L. Frezzotti, G. Di Vincenzo & C. Ghezzo Fluid Regimes in Cambro-Ordovician Granitoids from Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica
S. Tonarini & S. Rocchi Geochronology of Cambro-Ordovician Intrusives in Northern Victoria Land: A Review
D. Castelli, G. Oggiano, M. Scambelluri & F. Talarico Peak Metamorphic Conditions and Retrograde P-T Paths in the Eastern Wilson Terrane and the Dessent Unit (Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica): New Constraints to Tectonic Model for the Wilson Terrane and the Wilson T. - Bowers T. Boundary
G. Musumeci, G. Capponi, M. Meccheri & G. Oggiano Deformed Intrusives along the Wilson-Bowers Terranes Boundary (Northern Victoria Land): Structural Features and Tectonic Evolution
G. Vita-Scaillet, G. Féraud, G. Ruffet & B. Lombardo K /Ar and 40Ar/39Ar Laser-Probe Ages of Metamorphic Micas and Amphibole of the Wilson Terrane and Dessent Unit, Northern Victoria Land (Antarctica): Their Bearing on the Regional Post-Metamorphic Cooling History
G. Capponi, R. Carosi, M. Meccheri & G. Oggiano Strain Determination and Tectonic Evolution in the Millen Range Area (Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica)
D. Visona, G.C. Cavazzini, C.Zantedeschi & B. Lombardo Age, Geochemistry and Petrology of the Tucker Granodiorite, Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica
E. Bozzo, G. Caneva, G. Capponi & A. Colla Further Evidence of the Lack of a Magnetic Signature for the Junction between Wilson and Bowers Terranes (Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica)
G. Giorgetti & I. Memmi Variable Muscovite Composition: Evidence for Mosaic Equilibrium in Very Low-Grade Metapelites (Bowers and Robertson Bay Terranes, Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica)
F. Mazzarini & F. Salvini Tectonic Blocks in Northern VictoriaLand (Antarctica): Geological and Structural Constraints by Satellite Lineament Domain Analysis
F. Salvini & F. Storti Domino faulting in Northern Victoria Land (Antarctica): Preliminary Data from the Mt. Murchison Quad Area
M.L. Balestrieri G. Bigazzi, C. Ghezzo & B. Lombardo Fission track dating of apatites from the Granite Harbour Intrusive Suite and uplift-denudation history of the Transantarctic Mountains in the area between the Mariner and David Glaciers (northern Victoria Land, Antarctica)
A. Buccianti & F. Prati Preliminary Data on the Content of Volatile Elements in the Rocks from Mount Erebus (Ross Island, Antarctica)
R. Casnedi, A. Di Giulio & A. Rossi The Sandstones of the Beacon Supergroup near Terra Nova Bay (Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica): Preliminary Results of Facies and Petrographic Analyses 92
G. Vezzalini, S. Quartieri, A. Rossi & A. Alberti Occurence of Zeolites from Northern Victoria Land (Antarctica)
L. Fortunati, F. Mazzarini & P. Basile Automatic Cartography of Northern Victoria Land (Antarctica) from Digital Data with RasterIVector Integration
F. Mazzarini, F. Salvini Contribution to Geothermal Survey by Spectral Analysis of TM Landsat Satellite Data in Mt. Melbourne Area, Northern Victoria Land (Antarctica)
L. De Santis, G. Brancolini & M. Busetti Structural Evolution of the Victoria Land Basin South of the Drygalsky Ice Tongue (Western Ross Sea)
B. Buonocore, F. Giorgetti, L. Mirabile & V. Severino Side Scan Sonar, an Investigation of Some Marks on the Joides Basin Seafloor
P. Antonini, L. Civetta, G. Orsi, E.M. Piccirillo & G. Bellieni The Mount Melbourne and Mount Overlord Subprovinces of the McMurdo Volcanic Group (Northern Victoria Land - Antarctica): New Geochemical and Sr-Isotope Data
P. Armienti, L. Francalanci, E. Salvioli & G. Vaggelli Cumulate Ultramafic Xenoliths from the Mt. Melbourne Volcanic Province (Antarctica): Evidence of Crustal Underplating Processes during the Ascent of alkaline Magmasof the McMurdo Volcanic Group
B. Della Veova, C. Gantar & C. Zanolla Crustal Structure in the Ross Sea Area, Antarctica
R. Lanza Palaeomagnetic Investigations in Victoria Land
B. Della Vedova, M. Ramigni & G. Brancolini Cenozoic Tectonic Activity and Thermal Regime of the Victoria Land Basin (Ross Sea, Antarctica)
I. Finetti, A. Del Ben, R. Geletti, M. Pipan & C. Sauli Preliminary Geophysical Study of the Ross Sea (Antarctica)
M. Busetti, G. Brancolini & L. De Santis Seismic Sequences Analysis from the Ross Shelf
G. Piccardi, E. Barbolani, S. Bellandi, F. Casella & R. Udisti Spatial and Temporal Trends of Snow Chemical Composition at Northern Victoria Land (Antarctica)
L. Folco & P.A. Blando, on behalf of EUROMET Meteorites from the 19901'91 EUROMET Expedition to the Frontier Mountain, Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica
A. Maras, G.R. Levi-Donati & M. Serracino Classification of Twelve Meteorites from Frontier Mountain, Antarctica
G.M. Molina, A.M. Fioretti, G. Salviulo & R. Carampin Petrography, Mineralogical Analysis and Classification of 22 Meteorites from Frontier Mountain - Antarctica
C. Baroni Holocene Glacier Variations in the Terra Nova Bay Area
C. Baroni & G. Orombelli The Retreat of the Antarctic Ice Sheet from the Ross Sea Continental Shelf and the Holocene Diffusion of Adklie Penguins in Victoria Land
A. Rossi Thermal and Pressure Bore Hole Logging in Well- Drilled for Ice Coring
A. Camerlenghi & E. Lodolo Bottom Simulating Reflector on the South Shetland Margin (Antarctic Peninsula) and Implications for the Presence of Gas Hydrates
E. Lodolo & F. Coren The Westernmost Pacific-Antarctic Plate Boundary in the Vicinity of the Macquarie Triple Junction
M. Russi, J. Febrer, G. Costa, D.Y. Nieto & G.F. Panza Analysis of Digital Waveforms Recorded at the Seismographic Station Esperanza
S. Gambino & E. Privitera Characterization of Earthquakes Recorded by Mt. Melbourne Volcano Seismic Network (Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica)
A. Gubellino, M. Marsella, D. Postpischl†, F. Radicioni, L. Vittuari The Italian Geodetic Network in Antarctica
E. Bozzo, A. Colla, G. Caneva, A. Meloni, A. Caramelli, G. Romeo & D. Damaske Technical Procedures for Aeromagnetic Surveys in Antarctica during the Italian Expeditions (1989- 1992)
A. Meloni, P. Palangio, L. Cafarella, G. Romeo, E. Bozzo & G. Caneva The Geomagnetic Observatory at Terra Nova Bay Base
A. Morelli, G. Romeo, A. Meloni & P. Palangio Contribution of the Permanent Seismograph Station at Terra Nova Bay to Global Seismological Research
E. Bozzo, G. Caneva, A. Meloni, L. Perrone & G. Romeo Data Report - Geomagnetic Observation Results 1990-1991: Terra Nova Bay Station - Antarctica
P.J. Barrett Coring for Antarctic Climatic Tectonic History: The Cape Roberts Drilling Project
G. Brancolini ANTOSTRAT Project: Concepts and Target
F. Tessensohn LIRA: Lithospheric Investigations in the Ross Sea Area
M. Mellini EUROMET: A European Meteorite Collection Programme
G. Orombelli Project Concordia

Number 2 - 1994 Content
The Antarctic Offshore Acoustic Stratigraphy Project (ANTOSTRAT) Symposium (Siena, Italy, August 1994)
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A.K. Cooper, P.F. Barke, P.N. Webb & G. Brancolini Foreword - The Antarctic Continental Margin: Geophysical and Geological Stratigraphic Records of Cenozoic Glaciation, Paleoenvironments and Sea-Level Change
A.K. Cooper & P.N. Webb The ANTOSTRAT Project - An International Effort To Investigate Cenozoic Antarctic Glacial History, Climates, and Sea-level Changes
J.R. Childs, R.W. Sliter & A.K. Cooper A Progress Report on the Antarctic Seismic Data Library System for Cooperative Research (SDLS)
P.J. Barrett Progress towards a Cenozoic Antarctic Glacial History
C.R. Bentley Sedimentation by the Antarctic Ice Sheet from a Glaciological Perspective
J. Syvitski Glacial Sedimentation Processes
U. ten Brink Tectonic Subsidence and the Stratigraphy of the Antarctic Continental Margins and Intracontinental Basins
P.F. Barker The Antarctic Peninsula Region: Tectonic and Sedimentary Environments
P.J. Bart & J.B. Anderson Glacial History of the Antarctic Peninsula Continental Shelf
A.P. Cunningham, L.E. Vanneste & the ANTOSTRAT Antarctic Peninsula Regional Working Group The ANTOSTRAT Antarctic Peninsula Regional Working Group Digital Navigation Compilation
A.P. Cunningham, R.D. Larter & P.F. Barker Glacially Prograded Sequences on the Bellingshausen Sea Continental Margin Near 90°W
E.W. Domack, C. McClennen, P. Manley & S. Ishman  Very High Resolution of Late Quaternary Glacial Marine Sediments in Fjords and Offshore Basins, Antarctic Peninsula
R.D. Larter, M. Rebesco, L.E. Vanneste, L.A.P. Gambôa & P.F. Barker Seismic Reflection Investigations on the Pacific Margin of the Antarctic Peninsula
J.P. McGinnis & D.E. Hayes Sediment Drift Formation along the Antarctic Peninsula
M. Rebesco, R.D. Larter, P.F. Barker, A. Camerlenghi & L.E. Vanneste The History of Sedimentation on the Continental Rise West of the Antarctic Peninsula
B.J. Sloan, J.B. Anderson & L.A. Lawver Seismic Stratigraphy of the Larsen Basin, Eastern Antarctic Peninsula
L.E. Vanneste & R.D. Larter Deep-Tow Boomer Survey of the Antarctic Peninsula Pacific Margin
L.A. Banfield & J.B. Anderson Seismic Facies Investigation of the Late Cenozoic Glacial History of Bransfield Basin, Antarctica
D.H.N. Barker & J.A. Austin, Jr. Tectonic Evolution of Bransfield Strait, Antarctica: Intracrustal Diapirism, Distributed Extension and Stratigraphic Response to Marginal Basin Rifting
Y. Bochu The Characteristics of Geophysical Fields and Lithospheric Deformation in Bransfield Strait
M. Canals, M. De Batist, J. Baraza, J. Acosta & the GEBRA Team New Reflection Seismic Data from Bransfield Strait.  Preliminary Results of the GEBRA-93 Survey
L.A.P. Gambôa, A.P. Cunningham, Y. Bochu, A. Camerlenghi, S. Nakao & S. Rudowski Origin and Evolution of the Bransfield Basin Based on Integrated MCS Data
A. Camerlenghi, G. Bohem, B. Della Vedova, E. Lodolo, G. Pellis & A. Vesnaver Seismic Reflection Tomography and Thermal implications of a Gas Hydrate Bottom Simulating Reflector on the South Shetland Margin (Antarctic Peninsula)
Y. Kim & Y.K. Jin Crustal Structure beneath the Southeastern End of the Shackleton Fracture Zone and the South Shetland Trench
Y. Kim, H.S. Kim, R.D. Larter, A. Camerlenghi, L.A.P. Gambôa & S. Rudowski Tectonic Deformation in the Upper Crust and Sediments at the South Shetland Trench
J. Galindo-Zaldívar, A. Jabaloy, A. Maldonado & C. Sanz de Galdeano Transtensional Deformation and Internal Basin Evolution in the South Scotia Ridge
E. King, G. Leitchenkov, J. Galindo-Zaldivar & A. Maldonado Basement Distribution in Powell Basin: Understanding the Tectonic Controls on Sedimentation
L.A. Lawver, T. Williams & B. Sloan Seismic Stratigraphy and Heat Flow of Powell Basin
A. Maldonado, F. Aldaya, J.C. Balanyá, J. Galindo Zaldivar, A. Jabaloy, R.D. Larter, J. Rodríguez Fernández, M. Roussanov, C. Sanz de Galdeano Cenozoic Continental Margin Growth Patterns in the Northern Antarctic Peninsula
J. Rodríguez-Fernández, J.C. Balanyá, J. Galindo-Zaldivar & A. Maldonado Margin Styles of Powell Basin and Their Tectonic Implications (NE Antarctic Peninsula)
P.J. Bart, M. De Batist & H. Miller Neogene Collapse of Glacially-Deposited, Shelf-Edge Deltas in the Weddell Sea: Relationships between Deposition during Glacial Periods and Sub-Marine Fan Development
W.J. Bonn, D.K. Fütterer & H. Grobe Quaternary Sedimentation at the Antarctic Continental Margin
M. De Batist, P. Bart, B. Kuvaas, A. Moons & H. Miller Detailed Seismic Stratigraphy of the Crary Fan,  Southeastern Weddell Sea
G. Brancolini & F. Davey The Cenozoic Sedimentary Geology of the Ross Sea - A Review
L.R. Bartek,  J.B. Anderson & S.A. Henrys Contributions of High Resolution Single-Channel Data to Understanding Sequence Architecture of a Glaciated Continental Margin:  Ross Sea Antarctica
J.C. Behrendt & the GANOVEX & CASERTZ Groups Late Cenozoic Tectonic and Volcanic Controls on the Dynamics of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet in the West Antarctic Rift System
A. Brambati, L. Ceccaroni, S. D’Onofrio, G.P. Fanzutti, F. Finocchiaro, M. Frignani, L. Langone, R. Melis & M. Ravaioli Paleoenvironmental inferences from the core ANTA91-30 (Drygalski Basin - Ross Sea, Antarctica)
G. Brancolini, L. Bartek, A. Cooper, F. Coren, L. Mirabile Acoustic Stratigraphy of Victoria Land Basin - Ross Sea, Antarctica
M. Busetti & A.K. Cooper Possible Ages And Origins Of Unconformity U6 in the Ross Sea, Antarctica
M. Busetti & I. Zayatz & Ross Sea Regional Working Group Distribution of Seismic Units in the Ross Sea
G.R. Cochrane, L. DeSantis & A.K. Cooper Continuity of Glacial Sequences in the Ross Sea from Sonobuoy Seismic-Refraction Data
A.K. Cooper, G. Brancolini, J.C. Behrendt, F.J. Davey, P.J. Barrett & ANTOSTRAT Ross Sea regional working group A Record of Cenozoic Tectonism throughout the Ross Sea, and Possible Controls on the Glacial Record
F.J. Davey Bathymetry and Gravity of the Ross Sea, Antarctica
L. De Santis, J.B. Anderson, S.S. Shipp, G. Brancolini & I. Zayatz Integration of High- and Intermediate-resolution Seismic Data Sets with MCS Data to examine the Glacial Record of Eastern Basin (Ross Sea)
B. Della Vedova, G. Pellis, G. Brancolini & The Acrup-1 Research Group The ACRUP-1 experiment 1993-94: deep crustal investigations across the Transantarctic Mountains and the adjacent Ross Sea Depression (Antarctica)
M.J. Hambrey & P.J. Barrett The Cenozoic Glacial Record of the Ross Sea Region, Revealed by Deep Drilling on the Continental Shelf
M.J. Hannah Eocene Dinoflagellates form CIROS-1 Drill Hole, McMurco Sound, Antarctica
S.A. Henrys, L.R. Bartek, J.B. Anderson & P.J. Barrett Seismic Stratigraphy in McMurdo Sound: Correlation of High Resolution Data Sets
L.A. Lawver, L.M. Gahagan & A.K. Cooper Comparison of Eastern Ross Sea with Campbell Basin
A.P. Marchetti & A. Snidarcig Advanced Processing Techniques for Antarctica Data
S. Shipp, J. Anderson, L. DeSantis, L.R. Bartek, B. Alonso & I. Zayatz High- to Intermediate-Resolution Seismic Stratigraphic Analysis of Mid- Late-Miocene to Pleistocene Strata in Eastern Ross Sea: Implications for Changing Glacial/Climatic Regime
S.L. Eittreim & M. Tanahashi A Review of Marine Geological and Geophysical Data Collected on the Wilkes Land Margin
S.L. Eittreim, M. Tanahashi, A.K. Cooper & J. Wannesson Prograded Sequences, Erosional Unconformities, and Ice Advances on the Wilkes Land Margin
M. Tanahashi, S. Eittreim & J. Wannesson Seismic Stratigraphic Sequences of the Wilkes Land Margin
G. Leitchenkov, H. Stagg, V. Gandjukhin, A.K. Cooper, M. Tanahashi & P. O’Brien Cenozoic Seismic Stratigraphy of Prydz Bay (Antarctica)
M.J. Hambrey, W.U. Ehrman & B. Larsen The Cenozoic Sedimentary Record of the Prydz Bay Continental Shelf, East Antarctica
P.E. O’Brien Morphology and Late Glacial History of Prydz Bay, Antarctica, Based on Echo Sounder Data
P.E. O’Brien, E.M. Truswell & T. Burton Morphology, Seismic Stratigraphy and Sedimentation History of the Mac. Robertson Shelf, East Antarctica
P.G. Quilty Preliminary Results of 1993/1994  fieldwork, Marine Plain, Vestfold Hills, East Antarctica
J. Anderson, L. Banfield, P. Bart, L. Bartek, L. De Santis & S. Shipp Seismic Expression of Glaciation on the Antarctic Continental Shelf
G. Angrisano Hydrographic Surveying and Nautical Charting: A Coordinated Effort of the International Hydrographic Organization (IHO)
J.M. Armentrout Application of Sequence Stratigraphy in Glaciated Terrain:  Examples from Gulf of Alaska Neogene Outcrops and Seismic Reflection Profiles
J.M. Armentrout Correlation of Shelf-Edge Prograding Clinoforms with Glacial Climate Phases: A Case History of 100,000 to 300,000 Year Cycle Recognition for the Plio-Pleistocene, Gulf of Mexico
K. Kaminuma Seismic Activity in and around the Antarctic Continent
B. Larsen Morphology and Seismic Stratigraphy of the East Greenland Shelf in the Denmark Strait Area Compared to the Prydz Bay, Antarctica
S.-I. Nam, D.K. Fütterer, H. Grobe, H. Hubberten & R. Stein Late Quaternary Glacial/Interglacial Variations in Sedimentary Processes along the East Greenland Continental Margin
R.D. Powell Processes and Facies of Glacier Grounding-Line Systems with Inferences on Lithofacies Architecture and Seismic Stratigraphy
U. ten Brink & C. Schneider Glacial Processes Affecting the Stratigraphy of the Antarctic Continental Shelf: Results from Modeling
K. Vanneste, P. Bart,  M. De Batist, H. Miller & F. Theilen A Comparison of Reflection Seismic Geometries on Three Different Glacial Margins
G. Delisle Subice Topography and Its Implications on the Glacial Erosion History and Tectonic Evolution of Victoria Land during the Cenozoic
D.H. Elliot The Late Mesozoic and Cenozoic Tectonic History of Antarctica: Some Implications for Sediment Basin History, Sediment Provenance and Paleoclimate
W.E. LeMasurier & D.C. Rex Geologic Events of the Past 100 Million Years Revealed by K-Ar Dating of Volcanic Rocks from Marie Byrd Land: Implications for the Offshore Sedimentary Record
F.M. van der Wateren, B.P. Luyendyk, A.L.L.M. Verbers & C.H. Smith Landscape Evolution Model of the West Antarctic Rift System Relating Tectonic and Climatic Evolutions of the Rift Margins
P.N. Webb Paleo-Drainage Systems of East Antarctica and Sediment Supply to West Antarctic Rift System
P.-N. Webb, D.M.Harwood, M.G.C. Mabin, B.C. McKelvey Late Neogene Uplift of the Transantarctic Mountains in the Beardmore Glacier Region
J.B. Anderson Sedimentation on the Antarctic Sea floor: Results from The United States Antarctic Piston Coring Program
P.F.  Barker The Marine Sediment Record of the Warm Pliocene around Antarctica
P.J. Barrett, F.J. Davey, M.B. Cita, F. Tessensohn, M.R.A. Thomson & P.N. Webb Coring for Antarctic Climatic and Tectonic  History - The Cape Roberts Project
W.U. Ehrmann & D.K. Fütterer Clay Mineral Assemblages in the Cenozoic Antarctic Ocean
S.E. Ishman A Late Neogene Record of Paleoenvironmental Change from the Southern Ocean: Regional and Global Implications
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Number 3 - 1994 - Content
Proceedings of the Workshop on Crustal Structure of the Transantarctic Mountains and Adjacent Ross Sea Depresione (LIRA) (Gradisca d'Isonzo, Italy June 1993)
Proceedings fo the Meeting of the Ross Sea Regional Working Group (ANTOSTRAT) (Gradisca d'Isonzo, Italy June 1993)
ACRUP-1 Experiment

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G. Brancolini, B. Della Vedova & C.A. Ricci  Foreword - LIRA Workshop and ANTOSTRAT Meeting
A.K Cooper, G. Brancolini & F.J. Davey ANTOSTRAT Ross Sea Regional Working Group Meeting
F. Tessensohn, B. Della Vedova & C.A. Ricci LIRA Workshop on Crustal Structure of the Transantarctic Mountains and Adjacent Ross Sea Depression
G. Reitmayr The Gravity Map of Victoria Land, Antarctica
F.J. Davey & C. Gantar Marine Gravity Measurements in the Ross Sea Region
D. Damaske Aeromagnetic Surveys over the Transantarctic Mountains and the Ross Sea Area
D.D. Blankenship, R.E. Bell, and the Casertz Group Corridor Aerogeophysics in the Interior Ross Embayment of West Antarctica Rift System
J.C. Behrendt and the GANOVEX and CASERTZ Groups Marine Magnetic and Aeromagnetic Surveys in the West Antarctic
J. Makris Onshore-offshore Seismic Observations from the Ross Sea to the Transantarctic Mountains
T.A. Stern, U.S. ten Brink, B.C. Beaudoin & S.C. Bannister Seismic Reflection Experiments on the Ross Ice Shelf: 1985-1991
A. Cooper & G. Brancolini Stratigraphic Record of the Ross Sea Continental Shelf
G. Brancolini & F. Coren Seismic Facies Analysis in the Area of Cape Roberts Drilling Site
M. Busetti A New Constraint for the Age of Unconformity U6 in the Ross Sea
G. Delisle Measurement of Terrestrial Heat Flow in Glaciated Terrain (preliminary data from Victoria Land, Antarctica)
B. Della Vedova & G. Pellis Heat Flow Measurements in the Ross Sea Area
A. Morelli & A. Amato Seismological Contributions to a Better Knowledge of Deep Crustal and Upper Mantle Structure beneath Antarctica
P. Armienti, L. Francalanci & E. Salvioli Petrogenesis of the McMurdo Volcanic Group and Its Bearing on the Recent Evolution of the Crust-Mantle System in Northern Victoria Land
T. J. Wilson Structural Kinematic Studies in the Transantarctic Mountains, Southern Victoria Land
M.L. Balestrieri, G. Bigazzi, C. Ghezzo & B. Lombardo A Review of Apatite Fission-Track Data from Northern Victoria Land and a First Indication of a Late Cretaceous Uplift Phase
B.P. Luyendyk, C.H. Smith & F.M. van der Wateren Glaciation, Block Faulting, and Volcanism in Western Marie Byrd Land
L.A. Lawver & L.M. Gahagan Constraints on Timing of Extension in the Ross Sea Region
F. Tessensohn The Ross Sea Region, Antarctica: Structural Interpretation in Relation to the Evolution of the Southern Ocean
B. Della Vedova, G. Brancolini, G. Pellis & The Acrup-1 Research Group Data Report: Geotraverse ACRUP-1 Experiment  (IX Italian Antarctic Expedition 1993-94)


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