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Editorial Policy

Terra Antartica (ISSN 1122-8628) - established in 1994 as a newsletter - from 1995 is a journal which aims to favour the exchange of ideas and results in the field of Antarctic Earth Sciences.

Terra Antartica publishes peer-reviewed contributions to the development of Geology, Geophysics, Glacial Geology, and Glaciology from the Antarctic region and related areas, bordering Sciences and technological advancement.

The journal is open to the international community and is distributed worldwide. The publication consists of two issues per year. Additional thematic issues, devoted to specific topics and meetings, may also be published.

Submissions (see Instructions to the contributors) should be in the form articles, short notes, letters, and summary reports. Review papers on relevant topics may be accepted.

The Editorial Advisory Board undertakes the responsability of refereeing procedure for the manuscripts. Guest-editors will undertake the responsability of refereeing procedure for manuscripts for special issues.

Two regular issues appear at the end of June and the end of December.

Terra Antartica aims to publish quickly. We encourage therefore the use, whenever possible, of quick communication systems, such as e-mail and fax, for preliminary procedures (i.e. correspondence, refereeing, and proofs).


Volume 1 (1994) Volume 2 (1995) Volume 3 (1996) Volume 4 (1997) Volume 5 (1998)
Volume 6 (1999) Volume 7 (2000) Volume 8 (2001) Volume 9 (2002) Volume 10 (2003)
Volume 11 (2004) Volume 12 (2005) Volume 13 (2006) Volume 14 (2007) Volume 15 (2008/2009)

Downloadable files

Vol. 5, No. 4 - 1998 Rebesco et al. bathymetric map (figure 1) colour version (eps file)
Vol. 10, No. 2/3 - 2003
Henjes-Kunst & Schüssler complete geochemical data set (excel spreadsheet)
Vol. 10, No. 1/2 - 2004 Henjes-Kunst et al.
complete analytical data set (excel spreadsheet)
Vol. 14, No. 3 - 2007 Scherer et al. range chart of diatoms (excel spreadsheet)


Subscribers receive free the bulletin of the Earth Science Section of the Museo Nazionale dell'Antartide 'Felice Ippolito', TERRA ANTARTICA REPORTS. This bulletin has the aim to inform the Antarctic community of activities and research conducted by the Italian Antarctic programme.


From 2003 on the annual subscription rates are the following
Subscription European countries Other countries 
Professional 40,00 Euros 45,00 Euros
Student 20,00 Euros 25,00 Euros
Institution 100,00 Euros 105,00 Euros 

Price of one single issue: 50,00 Euros.

10% rebate for agencies on institutions' subscriptions.

Orders (download a word file) for subscriptions should be sent to Terra Antartica Publication (see address above) together with payment.

Back issues are still available; prices are the same as 2003.


Cape Roberts Project set: This set includes the following issues: CRP1 Initial and scientific results - issues 5(1) & 5(3); CRP2 initial and scientific results - issues 6(1/2), 7(3) & 7(4); CRP3 initial and scientific results - issues 7(1/2), 8(3) & 8(4)

Professional: 150,00 Euros
300,00 Euros
For orders please use the Terra Antartica subscription form (see above).

The Antarctic Region: Geological Evolution and Processes:
Subscribers of Terra Antartica can purchase the volume The Antarctic Region: Geological Evolution and Processes (ISBN 88-900221-0-8) - proceedings of the VII International Symposium on Antarctic Sciences, held in Siena from 10 ot 15 September 1995 (over 160 peer-reviewed papers, 1200 pages) at a special price of Euro 50,00! Use this order form.

For further information contact us.

Editor: Carlo Alberto Ricci (carloalberto.ricci@unisi.it)
Editorial Assistant: Jacqueline Muller (jacqueline.muller@unisi.it)