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The Antarctic Region: 
Geological Evolution and Processes

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Editor: Carlo Alberto Ricci
Editorial Assistant: Jacqueline Müller

© Terra Antartica Publication 1997
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The book is divided into eleven chapters corresponding to the eleven thematic sessions of the symposium(the numbers within brackets indicate the pages):


Antarctica in the Amalgamation of Gondwana

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S.L. Harley, B.J. Hensen & J. Jacobs

Shackleton Range, Ross Orogen and SWEAT Hypothesis
F. Tessensohn

The Pre-Break-Up Position of Haag Nunataks within Gondwana: Possible Correlatives in Natal and Dronning Maud Land
G.H. Grantham, B.C. Storey, R.J. Thomas & J. Jacobs

Geology of the Mesoproterozoic Cape Meredith Complex, West Falkland
R.J. Thomas, J. Jacobs & K. Weber

The Age and Significance of the Urfjell Group, Western Dronning Maud Land
A.B. Moyes, M.W. Knoper & P.D. Harris

40Ar -39Ar Evidence for the Structural Evolution of the Heimefront Shear Zone (Western Dronning Maud Land), East Antarctica
J. Jacobs, M. Falter, K. Weber & E.K. Jeßberger

Reconnaissance Geochronologic Data on Polymetamorphic and Igneous Rocks of the Humboldt Mountains, Central Queen Maud Land, East Antarctica
E.V. Mikhalsky, B.V. Beliatsky, E.V. Savva, H.-U. Wetzel, L.V. Fedorov, Th. Weiser & K. Hahne

Late Proterozoic Granitic Orthogneiss from North Payer-Weyprecht Mountains, East Antarctica: Their Tectono-metamorphic History and Regional Correlation
V. Ravikant, B.R. Bejarniya, S. Mukerji & M.K. Kaul

Metamorphic and Structural Evolution of Granulites from Rundvågshetta, Lützow-Holm Bay, East Antarctica
Y. Motoyoshi & M. Ishikawa

The Significance of Phosphorus Zonation in Garnet from High Grade Pelitic Rocks: A New Indicator of Partial Melting
Y. Hiroi, Y. Motoyoshi, D.J. Ellis, K. Shiraishi & Y. Kondo

Re-Examination of the Metamorphic and Protolith Ages of the Rayner Complex, Antarctica: Evidence for the Cambrian (Pan-African) Regional Metamorphic Event
K. Shiraishi, D.J. Ellis, C.M. Fanning, Y. Hiroi, H. Kagami & Y. Motoyoshi

Main Lithological Formations of High-Grade Metamorphic Terrain of the Northern Prince Charles Mountains, East Antarctica, and Their Subglacial Distribution
V.M. Mikhailov & M.B. Sergeyev

Recognition of Multiple High Grade Metamorphic Events with Garnet Sm-Nd Chronology in the Northern Prince Charles Mountains, Antarctica
B.J. Hensen, B. Zhou & D.E. Thost

The Prograde Metamorphism of the Larsemann Hills, East Antarctica: Evidence for an Anticlockwise P-T Path
L. Tong & X. Liu

East Gondwana Amalgamation by Pan-African Collision? Evidence from Prydz Bay, East Antarctica
B.J. Hensen & B. Zhou

The Brattstrand Paragneiss and the Søstrene Orthogneiss: A Review of Pan-African Metamorphism and Grenvillian Relics in Southern Prydz Bay
I.C.W. Fitzsimons

Strain Localisation and Texture Development in a Granulite-Facie Shear Zone ? the Rauer Group, East Antarctica
J.P. Sims & C.J.L. Wilson

Refinement of the Timing of Magmatism, High-Grade Metamorphism and Deformation in the Vestfold Hills, East Antarctica, from New SHRIMP U-Pb Zircon Geochronology
I. Snape, L.P. Black & S.L. Harley

Shear Zone Development and Dyke Emplacement in the Bunger Hills, East Antarctica
C.J.L. Wilson 149

Two Metamorphic Episodes during a 1340 - 1180 Ma Convergent Tectonic Event in the Windmill Islands, East Antarctica
N.J. Post, B.J. Hensen & P.D. Kinny

Antarctica: Precise Correlation of Palaeoproterozoic Terrains
R.L. Oliver & C.M. Fanning

Geological Map of the Campbell Glacier High-Grade Metamorphic Complex (Wilson Terrane, Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica)
F. Colombo, F. Talarico & D. Castelli

Tectonic Evolution of the Active Margins of Gondwana and Antarctica

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T. Flöttmann & R.A.J. Trouw

U-Pb Geochronology of Parts of the Pensacola, Thiel, and Queen Maud Mountains, Antarctica
.R. Van Schmus, L.W. McKenna, D.A. Gonzales, A.H. Fetter, & A.J. Rowell

Lower Paleozoic Rocks in the Queen Maud Mountains: Revised Ages and Significance
A.J. Rowell, D.A. Gonzales, L.W. McKenna, K.R. Evans, E. Stump & W.R. Van Schmus

Geology and Regional Significance of the Cox Peaks Roof Pendant, Central Scott Glacier Area, Antarctica
E. Stump & P.G. Fitzgerald

Tectonothermal Evolution of the Antarctic Paleo-Pacific Active Margin of Gondwana: A Northern Victoria Land Perspective
C.A. Ricci, F. Talarico & R. Palmeri

Geological Mapping and Field Relationships of Eclogites from the Lanterman Range (Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica)
G. Capponi, D. Castelli, A.M. Fioretti & G. Oggiano

Initial Strontium Isotopic Signatures of Late Precambrian-Early Paleozoic Metasediments from Northern Victoria Land Terranes, East Antarctica
C. Adams

Indications of Late-Orogenic Collapse in the Ross Orogen, and Significance of Related Structures
G. Kleinschmidt & A. Brommer

Synorogenic Alkaline and Carbonatitic Magmatism in the Transantarctic Mountains of South Victoria Land, Antarctica
A.F. Cooper, B.A. Worley, R.A. Armstrong & R.C. Price

Felsic and Mafic Magmas in the Terra Nova Intrusive Complex (Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica)
G. Di Vincenzo, S. Rocchi, C. Ghezzo & P.A.M. Andriessen

Two Granitoid Generations in Oates Land, Antarctica: Petrology, Geochemistry and Plate Tectonic Implications
Roland & M. Olesch

Formation of secondary fluid inclusions in granitoids from Oates Land, Antarctica
T. Schäfer & M. Olesch

Carbonic Fluid Evolution in Syntectonic Veins in Metapelites and Marbles from Priestley Formation (Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica)
G. Giorgetti, M.L. Frezzotti, R. Carosi, M. Meccheri & J.L.R. Touret

Role of Fluids in Southern Wilson Terrane (Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica) during Ross Orogeny: Summary of Fluid Inclusion Data
M.L. Frezzotti, C. Ghezzo & G. Giorgetti

Admiralty Intrusives in the Southern Bowers Terrane:The Collins Peak Pluton. Comparisons with the Salamander Granite Complex, Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica
A.M. Fioretti, G. Cavazzini, D. Visonà

Devonian Magmatism: Implications for the Evolution of Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica, and Correlation with Southeastern Australia and Northeastern Tasmania
A.M. Fioretti, D. Visonà, G. Cavazzini & B. Lombardo

Sandstone Composition of the Section Peak Formation (Beacon Supergroup, Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica) and Relations with the Ferrar Group Volcanics
A. Di Giulio, R. Casnedi, A. Ceriani, A. Ortenzi & A. Rossi

Geology of the Ferrar Supergroup in the Mesa Range, Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica: A Photogeological Study
A. Petri, F. Salvini & F. Storti

Mid-Crustal Processes during Cretaceous Rifting, Fosdick Mountains, Marie Byrd Land
C.H. Smith

A Model for Late Triassic to Early Cretaceous Antarctic Peninsula Plutonism
P.T. Leat, J.H. Scarrow & C.D. Wareham

Mantle Sources for Cretaceous-Tertiary Mafic Magmatism in the Antarctic Peninsula
J.H. Scarrow, P.T. Leat, C.D. Wareham & I.L. Millar

Petrology and Geochemistry of Mesozoic Magmatism at Hope Bay, Antarctic Peninsula
K. Birkenmajer, C. Ferraro & A. Peccerillo

Geochemistry and Petrology of the Hesperides Point Intrusion, Hurd Peninsula, Livingston Island
B.K. Kamenov

Rb-Sr and U-Pb Studies of the Pre-Andean and Andean Magmatism in the Horseshoe Island Area, Marguerite Bay (Antarctic Peninsula)
W. Loske, F. Hervè, H. Miller & R.J. Pankhurst

The Lava-Sedimentary Mesozoic Association of Lacustrine Environment of Byers Peninsula, South Shetland Islands
Cabaleri, C. Parica, M. Remesal, F. Salani & S. Valencio

Paleogene Volcaniclastic Rocks on Seymour Island, Northern Antarctic Peninsula
D.H. Elliot

Mesozoic geodynamic evolution of the Antarctic Peninsula
A.P.M. Vaughan & B.C. Storey

On the Relation between the Scotia Metamorphic Complex and the Trinity Peninsula Group, Antarctic Peninsula
R.A.J. Trouw, R.J. Pankhurst & A.Ribeiro

Lithogeochemistry of Mafic Rocks from the Scotia Metamorphic Complex in the South Shetland Islands: Evidence for Ocean Floor Basalts as Protoliths
C.M. Valeriano, M. Heilbron & R.A.J. Trouw

Remarks on Facies, Paleocurrents and Petrofacies of Triassic Submarine Fans from the Antarctic Peninsula, South Shetland Islands and South Orkney Islands
R.R. Andreis, A. Ribeiro & R.A.J. Trouw

Miers Bluff Formation, Livingston Island (South Shetland Islands): Diagenesis/Metamorphism and Early Stage of Structural Development
A.K. Tokarski, A. wierczewska & M. Doktor

Provenance and Tectonic Setting of Sedimentary Rocks from Eastern Ellsworth Land Based on Geochemical Indicators and Sandstone Modes
T.S. Laudon & A.B. Ford

New Zealand Superterranes Recognized in Marie Byrd Land and Thurston Island
J.D. Bradshaw, R.J. Pankhurst, S.D. Weaver, B.C. Storey, R.J. Muir & T.R. Ireland

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Break-up Processes - Jurassic to Recent

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G. Leitchenkov & T.J. Wilson

The Jurassic Conjugate Margins of the Weddell Sea: Considerations Based on Magnetic, Gravity and Paleobathymetry Data
M.E. Ghidella & J.L. LaBrecque

Geodynamic Models of the Weddell Sea Embayment in View of New Geophysical Data
W. Jokat, N. Fechner & M. Studinger

Tectonic and Magmatic History of the Eastern Weddell Sea Region
G.L. Leitchenkov & V.N. Masolov

Slab Capture Versus Ridge Collision as an Explanation for Cretaceous Extension and Rifting of East Gondwana
B.P. Luyendyk

Cooling and Denudation History of the Alexandra Mountains and Rockefeller Mountains, Edward VII Peninsula, Marie Byrd Land, Based on Apatite Fission Track Analysis
F. Lisker & M. Olesch

The West Antarctic Erosion Surface: Its Role in Determining the Timing of Mantle Plume Activity, Uplift, and Erosion, During Late Cretaceous - Cenozoic Time in Marie Byrd Land
W.E. LeMasurier & C.A. Landis

Optimum Seismic Shooting and Recording Parameters and a Preliminary Crustal Model for the Byrd Subglacial Basin, Antarctica
T.S. Clarke, P.D. Burkholder, S.B. Smithson & C.R. Bentley

Geochemical Characteristics of Mesozoic Lavas and Dikes from Vestfjella, Dronning Maud Land: Recognition of Three Distinct Chemical Types
A.V. Luttinen & J.U. Siivola

Geochemical and Isotopic Signature of Ferrar Rocks with Different Virtual Geomagnetic Paleopoles (Victoria Land, Antarctica)
P. Antonini, M. D'Antonio, L. Civetta, G. Orsi, R. Petrini & E.M. Piccirillo

Constraints on Timing of Ross Sea Rifting Inferred from Cainozoic Intrusions from Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica
S. Tonarini, S. Rocchi, P. Armienti & F. Innocenti

Petrologic Investigations on the Primitive Cainozoic Lavas of Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica
A. Orlando, P. Armienti, S. Conticelli, G. Vaggelli & P. Manetti

A Geophysical Approach to the Dynamics of Mt. Melbourne (Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica)
A. Bonaccorso, S. Gambino & E. Privitera

Geophysical Evidence for Late Cenozoic Subglacial Volcanism beneath the West Antarctic Ice Sheet and Additional Speculation as to Its Origin
J.C. Behrendt, D. Blankenship, D. Damaske, C. Finn & R. Bell

Uplift - Denudation of the Transantarctic Mountains between the David and the Mariner Glaciers, Northern Victoria Land (Antarctica): Constraints by Apatite Fission-Track Analysis
M.L. Balestrieri, G. Bigazzi & C. Ghezzo

Detachment fault model for the evolution of the Ross Embayment
P. Fitzgerald & S. Baldwin

Crustal Segmentation of the Transantarctic Mountains Rift Shoulder along the David Glacier Lineament, Victoria Land (Antarctica)
F. Mazzarini, B. Della Vedova & F. Salvini

Structural Inheritance from Crustal Anisotropy, Southern Victoria Land, Antarctica
S. Jones

Evidence for Mesozoic - Early Cenozoic Tectonic Lineations in the Ross Sea and Transantarctic Mountains, Antarctica
F. Coren, G. Delisle & C. Rolf

Cenozoic Right-Lateral Strike-Slip Tectonics in the Ross Sea Region, Antarctica
F. Salvini, G. Brancolini, M. Busetti, F. Storti, F. Mazzarini & F. Coren

Aeromagnetic Regional Setting and Some Crustal Features of Central-Southern Victoria Land from the Gitara Surveys
E. Bozzo, F. Ferraccioli, M. Gambetta, G. Caneva, D. Damaske, M. Chiappini & A. Meloni

Gravity Studies of Victoria Land and the Adjacent Oceans, Antarctica
G. Reitmayr

Computation of the Moho Depths and Geoid Undulation from Gravity Data in the Ross Sea (Antarctica)
F. Coren, I. Marson, M. Stoka & C. Zanolla

Crustal Structure of the Transantarctic Mountains, Western Ross Sea
B. Della Vedova, G. Pellis, H. Trey, J. Zhang, A.K. Cooper, J. Makris & ACRUP Working Group

Gravity and Ice Thickness Surveys in Victoria Land, Antarctica, during the ACRUP Experiment
G. Reitmayr, V. Damm, E. Bozzo, G. Caneva & ACRUP Working Group

Aeromagnetic Investigations in the Area of the ACRUP Seismic Line, Central-Southern Victoria Land (Antarctica)
E. Bozzo, F. Ferraccioli, M. Gambetta, G. Caneva, D. Damaske, M. Chiappini & the ACRUP Working Group

ACRUP1 Geotraverse: Contribution of Teleseismic Data Recorded on Land
S. Pondrelli, A. Amato, M. Chiappini, G.B. Cimini, D. Colombo & M. Di Bona

Crustal Structure of the Southern Central Trough, Western Ross Sea
A.K. Cooper, H. Trey, G. Pellis, G. Cochrane, F. Egloff, M. Busetti & ACRUP Working Group

The Eastern Basin Crustal Model from Wide-Angle Reflection Data, Ross Sea, Antarctica
H. Trey, J. Makris, G. Brancolini, A.K. Cooper, G. Cochrane, B. Della Vedova & ACRUP Working Group

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Southern Ocean Evolution

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A. Giret & C.A. Raymond

The Southernmost Chilean Margin: Preliminary Results of a Geophysical Survey
A.Polonia, G.Brancolini, L.Torelli, E.Vera, M.Busetti, D.Peis & C.Zanolla

Crustal Structure of the Shackleton Fracture Zone in the Southern Drake Passage, Antarctica
Y. Kim, Y.K. Jin & S.H. Nam

The very early stages of seafloor spreading: The central Bransfield Basin, NW Antarctic Peninsula
M. Canals, E. Gràcia, M.J. Prieto & L.M. Parson

Crustal Model of the Bransfield Rift, West Antarctica from Detailed OBS Refraction Experiment
M. Grad, H. Shiobara, T. Janik, A. Guterch & H. Shimamura

Seismic Crustal Structure in the Transition Zone between Antarctic Peninsula and South Shetland Islands
T. Janik

Seismic Models of the Earth's Crustal Structure between the South Pacific and the Antarctic Peninsula
P. Sroda, M. Grad & A. Guterch

Seismic Investigation of Crustal Structure between Adelaide Island and Marguerite Bay, Antarctic Peninsula: Preliminary Results
A.M. Reading, M. Pipan & E.C. King

Seismic Reflection Investigation of George VI Sound, Antarctic Peninsula
E.C. King & A.C. Bell

High Resolution Terrigenous Sedimentary Record of a Sediment Drift on the Antarctic Peninsula Pacific Margin (Initial Results of the 'SEDANO' Program)
A. Camerlenghi, M. Rebesco & C.J. Pudsey

Sedimentary history of the Central Bransfield Basin (NW Antarctic Peninsula)
M.J. Prieto, E. Gràcia, M. Canals, G. Ercilla & M. De Batist

Tectonic and Sedimentary Architecture of the Bellingshausen and Amundsen Sea Basins, SE Pacific, by Seismic Profiling
K. Gohl, F.-O. Nitsche, K. Vanneste, H. Miller, N. Fechner, L. Oszko, C. Hübscher, E. Weigelt & A. Lambrecht

Peridotite Dredged from a Seamount off Wilkes Land, the Antarctic: Emplacement of Fertile Mantle Fragment at Early Rifting Stage between Australia and Antarctica during the Final Breakup of Gondwanaland
M. Yuasa, K. Niida, T. Ishihara, K. Kisimoto & F. Murakami

Structural and Volcanic Evolution of Paulet lsland, Southern Antarctic Sound
O. González-Ferrán

Kerguelen, a Third Type of Oceanic Island?
A. Giret, M. Grégoire, J.Y. Cottin & G. Michon

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Climate Change in Cenozoic Records

G. Brancolini

The Sirius Group of Antarctica: Age and Environments
A.P. Stroeven

Distribution of Siliceous Microfossils on Mount Feather, Antarctica, and the Age of the Sirius Group
P.J. Barrett, N.L. Bleakley, W.W. Dickinson, M.J. Hannah & M.A. Harper

Smectite Concentrations and Crystallinities: Indications for Eocene Age of Glaciomarine Sediments in the CIROS -1 Drill Hole, McMurdo Sound, Antarctica
W.U. Ehrmann

Seismic Sequences and Late Cenozoic Glacial History in the Ross Sea
L. De Santis, G. Brancolini, M. Busetti & A. Marchetti

Cenozoic Sedimentation on the Wilkes Land
C. Escutia, S.L. Eittreim & A.K. Cooper

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Onshore and Offshore Geological Signatures of the Last Glacial Cycle

L.R. Bartek & Y. Yoshida

A Review of Geomorphological Research in Bunger Hills and Expansion of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet during the Last Glacial Maximum
E.A. Colhoun

Late Pleistocene and Holocene Environmental History of Bunger Hills, East Antarctica, as Revealed by Fresh-Water and Epishelf Lake Sediments
M. Melles, T. Kulbe, S.R. Verkulich, Z.V. Pushina & H.-W. Hubberten

Constraints on the Former Antarctic Ice Sheet from Sea-Level Observations and Geodynamic Modelling
D. Zwartz, K. Lambeck, M. Bird & J. Stone

Deglaciation of the Vestfold Hills, East Antarctica: Preliminary Evidence from Exposure Dating of Three Subglacial Erratics
D. Fabel, J. Stone, L.K. Fifield & R.G. Cresswell

Regional Contrasts in Weathering and Glacial Sediments Suggests Long Term Subaerial Exposure of Vestfold Hills, East Antarctica
D.B. Gore & E.A Colhoun

Larsemann Hills: Not Heavily Glaciated during the Last Glacial Maximum
J. Burgess, C. Carson J. Head & A. Spate

Glacial History of the Vestfjella and Heimefrontfjella Nunatak Ranges in Western Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica
P. Lintinen & J. Nenonen

Late Quaternary Environmental Fluctuations Based on Diatoms from Yanou Lake, King George Island, Fildes Peninsula, Antarctica
S. Yang & D.M. Harwood

Holocene Uplift in the South Shetland Islands: Evaluation of Tectonics and Glacio-Isostasy
R. Pallàs, T.S. James, F. Sàbat, J.M. Vilaplana & D.R. Grant

Biostratigraphy and Paleoecology of the Bottom Sediments in Prydz Bay
Z.V. Pushina, D.D. Kolobov & N.I. Druzhinina

Epifaunal Distributions at Antarctic Marine-ending Glaciers: Influences of Ice Dynamics and Sedimentation
M. Dawber & R.D. Powell

Geotechnical, Sedimentological Characteristics and Seismic Stratigraphy of Northern Joides Basin, (Ross Sea - Antarctica):Preliminary Results
N. Corradi, G. Fierro, L. Mirabile, M. Ferrari & R. Ivaldi

Late Quaternary Fluctuations of Organic Carbon and Biogenic Silica Accumulation on the Continental Slope of the Ross Sea, Antarctica
L. Ceccaroni, L. Langone, M. Frignani, M. Ravaioli, M. Frank, A. Mangini, N. Basavaiah & F. Giglio

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Investigations in Petrology, Sedimentology and Glaciology

C.H. Smith Siddoway

Varying Glass Compositions in Deep-Seated Inclusions from Alkaline-Ultramafic Rocks of Jetty Peninsula (East Antarctica): Evidence for Mantle Metasomatism
A.V. Andronikov

Deep-Seated Xenoliths from Proterozoic Ultramafic Lamprophyre Dykes of the Vestfold Hills (East Antarctica): Evidence for the Existence of Metasomatized Lithosphere
A.V. Andronikov & E.V. Mikhalsky

Statistical Analysis of Compositional Data Adopting MultivariateProcedures: An Application Using Data from Mt. Erebus
A. Buccianti

Fluvial-Eolian Deposits in the Devonian New Mountain Sandstone, Table Mountain, Southern Victoria Land, Antarctica: Sedimentary Architecture, Genesis and Stratigraphic Evolution
M.C. Wizevich

Permian Coals from Western Dronning Maud Land - Composition, Environment, and the Influence of Jurassic Magmatism on their Maturity
W. Bauer, H.W. Hagemann, G. Poscher, R.F. Sachsenhofer & G. Spaeth

Modelization of the Dynamics of Hells Gate Ice Shelf, Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica
L. De Dosso

Non Sorted Polygons in the Terra Nova Bay Area (Victoria Land, Antarctica)
A. Bondesan, M. Meneghel, M.C. Salvatore & B. Stenni

Detection of Permafrost and Buried Ice in Ice-Free Areas of the Northern Victoria Land (Antarctica) with the Vertical Electrical Soundings (V.E.S.)
M. Guglielmin, A. Biasini, F. Dramis & C. Smiraglia

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Antarctic Fossil Biotas through Time

R.M. Feldmann & J.E. Francis

Cenozoic Glacial-Marine Sediments from the Fisher Massif (Prince Charles Mountains)
A.A. Laiba & Z.V. Pushina

Integrated Diatom Biostratigraphy of Late Neogene Drillholes in Southern Victoria Land and Correlation to Southern Ocean Records
D.M. Winter & D.M. Harwood

Eocene - ? Earliest Oligocene Terrestrial Palynology of Seymour Island, Antarctica
R.A. Askin

New Land Mammal-Bearing Localities from the Eocene La Meseta Formation, Seymour Island, Antarctica
F. Vizcaino, M.A. Reguero, S.A. Marenssi & S.N. Santillana

Bryozoan Assemblages from the La Meseta Formation (Eocene) of Seymour Island, Antarctic Peninsula
U. Hara

Paleobiogeography of Cretaceous and Tertiary Decapod Crustaceans from Southern South America: The Link with Antarctica
R.M. Feldmann, M. Aguirre-Urreta, L. Chirino-Gálvez & S. Casadío

Floristics of a Lower Cretaceous Freshwater Lake Deposit from President Head, Snow Island, South Shetland Islands
D.J. Cantrill

Cretaceous Floras from Snow Island (South Shetland Islands, Antarctica) and Their Biostratigraphic Significance
T. Torres, G. Barale, H. Méon, M. Philippe & F. Thévenard

Paleoclimate of Permo-Triassic Antarctica
J.W. Collinson

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Antarctic Station Geophysics

K. Kaminuma & A. Meloni

The Geophysical Observatory at Neumayer Station, Antarctica
A. Eckstaller, Ch. Müller, U. Nixdorf & J. Rogenhagen

Present Status on Seismological Observations at Syowa Station, East Antarctica
K. Kaminuma, M. Kanao & K. Shibuya

Terra Nova Bay Geomagnetic Observatory
A. Meloni, P. Palangio, L. Cafarella, A. Zirizzotti, E. Bozzo & G. Caneva

The Permanent Very-Broadband Seismographic Station at Terra Nova Bay
A. Morelli, M. Olivieri, N.A. Pino & G. Romeo

Investigating the Lithospheric Structure of the Scotia Region by Means of Surface Waveform Analysis
M. Russi, G. Costa, J. Febrer, A. Vuan & G.F. Panza

Monitoring of the Volcanic Activity of Deception Island, South Shetland Islands, Antarctica (1986-1995)
R. Ortiz, A. Garcia, A. Aparicio, I. Blanco, A. Felpeto, R. del Rey, M.T. Villegas, J.M. Ibañez, J. Morales, E. del Pezzo, J.C. Olmedillas, M. Astiz, J. Vila, M. Ramos, J.G. Viramonte, C. Risso, A. Caselli

Chemical Variations of Fumarolic Gases in Deception Island, South Shetland Islands, Antarctica
M.T. Villegas, R. Ortiz, A. Caselli & M. Cohen

The Volcanological Observatory of Mount Melbourne, Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica
A. Bonaccorso, G. Falzone, S. Gambino, E. Privitera

Constraints on the Lithospheric Structure beneath the Terra Nova Bay Area from Teleseismic P to S Conversions
M. Di Bona, A. Amato, R. Azzara, G.B. Cimini, D. Colombo & S. Pondrelli

An Experimental Magnetovariational Array in Northern Victoria Land for Deep Electrical Conductivity Studies: Methodological Aspects and Preliminary Results
E. Armadillo, E. Bozzo, A. Caneva, G. Caneva, M. Gambetta, M. Chiappini, A. Meloni & P. Palangio

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New Directions in Antarctic Earth Sciences

R.E. Bell & A. Morelli

Satellite-Measured Magnetic Anomaly Fields of the Antarctic Lithosphere
R.R.B. von Frese, J.W. Kim, L. Tan, D.E. Alsdorf, C.A. Raymond & P.T. Taylor

A Reflectance Spectral Library for Antarctic Rock Types in the Range 0.4 - 2.5 µm
S. Salvi, M.P. Bogliolo & M.F. Buongiorno

Geologic Mapping from Landsat TM Imagery: Examples from the Transantarctic Mountains in Southern Victoria Land
S.C. Bradford & T.J. Wilson

The Gravity Field of the Southern Weddell Sea from GEOSAT and ERS-1
T. Schöne & H.W. Schenke

A High Resolution Aeromagnetic Survey over Proposed Drill Sites Off Shore of Cape Roberts in the Southwestern Ross Sea (Antarctica)
E. Bozzo, D. Damaske, G. Caneva, M. Chiappini, F. Ferraccioli, M. Gambetta & A. Meloni

Crustal Heterogeneity and Anisotropy for Shear Waves in the Lützow-Holm Bay Region, East Antarctica by Broadband Teleseismic Waveform Analyses
M. Kanao, A. Kubo, Y. Hiramatsu & T. Shibutani 1135

A Data Management Approach for Antarctica GPS Campaigns
G. Bitelli & L. Vittuari

Analysis of Bedrock Geology and Thermal Gradients Using Geophysical Ground Measurements on Glaciated Terrain in Queen Maud Land, Antarctica
T. Ruotoistenmäki & J. Lehtimäki

10Be and 26Al Exposure Ages for the Sirius Group at Mount Fleming, Mount Feather and Table Mountain and the Plateau Surface at Table Mountain
S. Ivy-Ochs, C. Schlüchter, M. Prentice, P.W. Kubik & J. Beer

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Antarctic Geoscientific Maps

J.W. Thomson

Cenozoic Tectonic Map of the Ross Sea Region, Antarctica
G. Brancolini, M. Busetti, A.K. Cooper, F. Salvini & F. Storti

Total Magnetic Anomaly Map of Victoria Land (Central-Southern Part), Antarctica
E. Bozzo, G. Caneva, M. Chiappini, A. Colla, D. Damaske, F. Ferraccioli, M. Gambetta, D. Moeller & A. Meloni

A Textural Seafloor Map of Inner Terra Nova Bay (Ross Sea, Antarctica): An Approach
A. Brambati, G.P. Fanzutti, F. Finocchiaro, U. Simeoni & E. Tsakiridou

Geopetrographic Map of the Terra Nova Intrusive Complex (Northern Victoria Land, Antarctica)
S. Rocchi, G. Di Vincenzo & C. Ghezzo

Geomorphological Map of the Area between Simpson Crags and Nash Ridge, Victoria Land, Antarctica, Mapped using Aerial Photographs and Satellite Images
A. Biasini, R. Casacchia, A.B. Petrangeli, M.C. Salvatore & R. Salvatori

Geomorphological Map of the Area between Mount Emison and Mills Peak (Victoria Land, Antarctica), Mapped Using Aerial Photographs
M.C. Salvatore

The Use of a Digital Base of Landsat Imagery on a 1:250 000 Scale Geological Map of the Bunger Hills/Denman Glacier Region, East Antarctica
R.J. Tingey, J.W. Sheraton, P. Bierwirth, L. Highet & D. Kennedy

Antarctic Geological Map Series Sheet 36 Ongul Islands, 1:10 000
K. Shiraishi, M. Ishikawa & Y. Motoyoshi

Geological Maps of the Kirwanveggen, WesternDronningMaud Land, EastAntarctica
M. Knoper, C. Jackson, P. Harris, G. Ferrar, J. Krynauw, A. Moyes & C. Harris

Geological Map of Shackleton Range
J.W. Thomson

Aeromagnetic Anomaly Map of the Central Antarctic Peninsula
A.C. Johnson

Maps of Deception Island, South Shetland Islands
J.L. Smellie, J. López-Martínez, J. Rey & E. Serrano

Geomorphological Map of Byers Peninsula, Livingston Island, South Shetland Islands
J. LópezMartínez, E. Martínez de Pisón, E. Serrano & A. Arche

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